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Sample Characters

Character 1


Name: Aaron Chavez

Pronouns: he/him

Age: 42

Public Bio: A hardworking father of six-year old Penelope (she/her), who he'll be happy to tell you all about. Between parenting and working his IT job, Aaron tries to find time to take care of vulnerable Headspaces and keep lonely minds company.

Private Bio: Vera (she/they) left last year and things haven't been the same since. When she left she took the energy and joy of the house with her. They went from a happy, if unremarkable, family unit to a house with a hole in it over night.

Aaron hasn't had the heart to tell Penelope that her mother ran off with a co-worker, that they'd told him he wasn't the man they married, that all of the thirst for adventure was gone. He's explained very little. He pours all his time into providing for her. And in the evenings he'll let her curl up next to him in bed, and project into her mind so they can relive the happier times as a family of three.


Mundane Problem: Aaron still isn't over Vera. He can't see that their relationship had been on the rocks for a while, and can't move on.

Home environment: A comfortable suburban home that's slightly too big for a family of two, but Aaron hasn't been able to move yet.


  • I can talk to children: I'm pretty good at understanding what children want (even when they don't), and communicating to them in a way that's clear without being patronising.
  • I can work a computer: I'm not a hacker, but I can find my way around a standard PC – including knowing how most people organise them. I can complete tasks using computers more efficiently, and know what to do when they go wrong.


Avatar: A large, brown-haired man with well-worn smile lines, wearing a scruffy shirt that needs ironing. Much the same as the Aaron you'd see in real life, although in Breadspace he's lost a little weight.


  • Fight: 0
  • Feel: 1
  • Fleet: 0
  • Fabricate: 2


  • Memory Lane (+)
  • A Certain Charm (+)
  • Nemesis (-): Vera (and her new partner) still live in Museford, and Aaron is loath to bump into them.
  • Dependent (-): Aaron is now Penelope's sole guardian.
  • Make Me Cry
  • The Horror! The Horror!
  • Romance Me

Character 2


Name: Kellie O'Connor

Pronouns: she/her

Age: 72

Public Bio: An aging woman at the Pleasant Palace Retirement Home, Kellie is a hard person to get on with. Stubborn and unsmiling, she regularly and vocally denounces any act she deems to be childish or meaningless. Top of her list is projecting, which makes her appearance at the Cranium Conference quite peculiar.

Private Bio: For the vast majority of her life, Kellie was a Receptive working a hard, no-nonsense job, earning her a moderate income and a reasonable pension. She had a husband she divorced from and a son she rarely had time for. She believed strongly in the manifestation of one's own destiny, and decried any act she thought was a waste of time.

Then, three months ago, Kellie developed psychic powers. If anything, this made her even more jaded to the idea of psychics, believing that anyone silly enough to waste away their lives living a day dream in someone else's head wasn't worth her time. Yet this chip on her shoulder is doing Kellie no good. She wasn't particularly well liked even before at the Retirement Home, and now her long, angry tirades about the folly of dreamers have turned that into active dislike of her company.

In a last ditch attempt to help his mother, Kellie's son convinced her (with much nagging persuasion) to go to the Cranium Conference, in the hope that she could find something there that was to her enjoyment.


Mundane Problem: In truth, Kellie is unhappy, but is too stubborn to change anything about her lifestyle to try to make it better. Her life has become a bore, but she's unwilling to change it.

Home environment: The Pleasant Palace Retirement Home, where she used to be tolerated, but now her attitude is rubbing the other retirees up the wrong way.


  • I can yell!: Kellie still has a strong set of lungs. This allows her to get NPCs attention quickly and cut off what other people are saying.
  • I can tell things about people from the way they act: Kellie is a casual practitioner of people spotting, and can thus discern key pieces of information about NPCs she watches for a few minutes, such as their mood and vague personality.


Avatar: Kellie's avatar looks exactly like herself, down to the wrinkles on her forehead.


  • Fight: 2
  • Feel: 0
  • Fleet: 1
  • Fabricate: 0


  • Open Minded (+ AND -): It's not that Kellie means to project her dislike of what she's doing quite so loudly, it just sort of happens. Sometimes, beneath the anger, hosts can even pick up just how sad she really is.
  • Airhead (-): Without spending much time practising in Headspace, Kellie isn't very good at keeping her avatar together.
  • Confidant (+): Kellie's son, David, who loves his mother dearly, and tries to do the best for her, even though he doesn't agree with her stance on most things.
  • Hit Me Harder
  • Make Me Cry
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