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Always Greener Park


Always Greener is a moderately sized, centrally accessible public park at the centre of the city. Carefully maintained flowerbeds buzzing with bees line the banks of the River Muse, which bubbles through the middle of the park, crossed by a cobbled stone bridge. There's plenty of grassy spaces, dotted by picnics and people enjoying ice cream in the summer months.

For many the park is the heart of the city, a neutral place of relaxation and safety. Once a year the park hosts the summer fête, an initiative by local businesses to raise money for charity. The community of Museford comes together and the green grass blooms into a field of brightly coloured tents and marquees.

Key NPCs

Mx Marshmallow (any): The owner of the Always Greener ice cream van, Mx Marshmallow has a friendly nature and a knack for remembering the goings-on in their customers' lives. On quiet business days customers often stop to eat outside the van and have a chat. She's less popular with children, on account of the grinning clown makeup she wears to work.

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