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As with most things in Brainwave, injuries come in two forms: Breadspace injuries and Headspace injuries.

Breadspace injuries are regular injuries in the real world, and therefore are gained and cured in much the same way as real life injuries: namely medical treatment and time.

Headspace injuries are a little less conventional, and the attaining and curing of such can vary wildly. Headspace injuries occur when your Headspace avatar is injured, such as by being attacked by a psychic entity or damaged by an environmental hazard in the host’s Headspace. These injuries will thus only affect your avatar, not your physical body in Breadspace. How to cure Headspace injuries will depend heavily on the nature and severity of the injury, but some examples of cures could include solitary meditation to recollect an avatar blasted into smithereens, reconciling two sides of your personality to heal a split avatar, or even asking for help from another psychic’s avatar in a Headspace. The severity of the injury will determine whether the Headspace injury can be cured with a Minor, Secondary, or Primary Action in Downtime.

In both cases, injuries will take the form of a Quirk the GMs will assign to you.

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