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Notable Organisations


People for the Safety of Your relatives and Caution of Humanity projecting Ethereally.

Aside from the tortured acronym, PSYCHE is a widely respected psychic organisation. They're a bureau for training and advice for new psychics, with an emphasis on safe and responsible projection. They organise the annual Cranium Conference to bring psychics together.

PSYCHE is based in its headquarters in the town hall.

The Children of the Dawn

In recent years Museford has become home to a rapidly expanding, if eccentric, group who call themselves the “Children of the Dawn”. The secretive cult - I mean “new religious movement” - is supposedly led by a wise and mysterious revered leader known as “The Radiant Mother” (she??/her??).

Adherents can be seen handing out recruiting pamphlets in the Cranium Shopping Mall and in many city streets, which proclaim that the Mother has secret knowledge that can guide her followers to a better life. No one knows where exactly Her Radiance resides, or the location of the group headquarters, or what exactly members get up to in their secret meetings, although Dawn members are known to frequent a herbal tea shop “Peculiar Brew” in the Musechester area.

The group’s activities have been viewed with suspicion by some Musefordians. However The Children seem happy enough, even when they are being rained on and their pamphlets get soggy.

Ascension Psychics

A group of psychics interested in entirely transcending Breadspace to live as creatures of pure thoughts. They've never reported any success, and have been gradually losing members – they still own a concrete grey slab of a building which acts as their headquarters but it seldom looks very active. Most believe what they are attempting is impossible and their attempts are in vain. Nonetheless they're expected to make an appearance at the cranium conference.

Notable NPCs

Amanda Lee (she/her): The head of PSYCHE, she took the job from the last person who was fired after creating the acronym. Famously studious and fascinated with psychic powers, she is rarely seen outside the office. She'll be overseeing the Cranium Conference.

Radiant Mother (she/her?): the mysterious leader of the Children of the Dawn.

Sandy Senton (she/her): a powerful psychic and primary representative of the Ascension group. Her avatar is a humanoid figure made of light.

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