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Historic Museford

In the southwest of the city lies the old, medieval core of historic Museford, enclosed by a few crumbling fragments of city wall.

Here one can find quaint cobbled streets, ornate cast iron lampposts and grand gabled townhouses, stretching from the river Muse and the ancient Horseshoe bridge to the edge of the Always Greener park, and curving up toward Protest Plaza and the city hall.

There are a number of narrow canals running through some of these streets down to the river, a reminder that Museford was once known as “the Venice of South-England” (at least by its own residents) and a centre of the lace trade in past centuries, with fine embroidery sent off to London by barge on the sleepy Muse. These days you are more likely to find independent shops and small apartments lining the canals than lacemakers.

St Drogo’s Church

The oldest building in the town is the church of St Drogo, originally built as a Roman temple. Besides the entrance there is a small brass plaque recording the legend that “Museford shall not fall until the last Sesqueant bird has left the spire of St Drogo's”. As no one knows what a “Sesqueant bird” refers to, residents are unclear on whether Museford shall fall, has already fallen, or whether there were ever any such birds to begin with. Regardless, it remains popular with the city pigeons.

Ficknaire's Fantastic Fantasies

An old but sumptuously decorated shop in a side alley of historic Museford, Ficknaire's has been providing quality personalised dreams and day dreams for over 50 years. Just state your desired fantasy, or choose from the brochures of popular dreams, settle down in a comfy leather reclining chair in one of the discreet booths, and for a small fee1) Ficknaire's will guide you into dreamland. It is not packed, but attracts a steady clientele of receptives.

Forgetmenot Hill

The very wealthiest inhabitants can be found in the grand mansions on Forgetmenot Hill, on the road leading up towards the old Museford Manor, with gated gravel driveways and colonnaded porticos. It is famous for its cherry blossom and high prices.

Notable NPCs

Linus Ficknaire (he/him): Psychic proprietor of the shop, Ficknaire's Fantastic Fantasies, which was founded by his father. A neat but fussy man in his fifties with flyaway grey hair, thick round glasses and a neat pinstripe suit. He is both very proud of his shop and his dream creations, skilled at creating them, obsequious to his clients, and very dismissive of other “mundane” businesses. He lives in the apartment above his business.

Nicholas “Nick” Ficknaire (he/they): Lanky teenage son of Linus, with wavy red-brown hair. He is also a psychic and helps with much of the dream creation these days. He is friendly and usually apologetic for his fathers pompous attitude. In his days off he attends classes at Museford City University.

Veronica de Virve (she/her): Famous and glamorous actress, singer and model. Another wealthy Forgetmenot Hill resident, she can often be seen in the tabloid pages, and at premiers, talk shows and supermarket openings. Engaged to star croquet player and Captain of the Museford Manetees, Chad Donovan.

Lord Horatio Hardcastle (he/him): Aristocrat who also lives in a gated mansion house on Forgetmenot hill. For more details see here.

the fee is not small.
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