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Quirks represent resources, relationships and other oddities which set your character apart from others beyond their skills. Quirks may be beneficial, hindering, or both, and may be either psychic or mundane.

When selecting your Quirks for your character, you must abide by the following rules:

  • You may take up to five Quirks.
  • You must take at least one psychic and one mundane Quirk.
  • Your total Quirk score (positive and negative) must add up to zero.
  • + AND - Quirks count as only one against your Quirk total.

Psychic Quirks

Stretch of Logic (+)

While most psychics need to be close to someone to project into their mind, you can do so from anywhere within Museford as long as you have their consent and a rough idea of where they are.

Polymorph (+)

While most people have a roughly fixed appearance within Headspace, you are able to completely alter the appearance of your avatar at will.

Lost in Thought (-)

You get lost easily in Headspace, often taking longer or more dangerous routes to where you're trying to go.

Counting Sheep (+)

You have a benign psychic entity in your own head that follows you into Headspace and behaves like a pet while there. It is loyal to you and can carry out basic tasks, but cannot communicate with you. Please describe your pet's avatar when taking this Quirk.

Volatile (-)

You may have good intentions, but your conduct in Headspace could best be described as clumsy. You sometimes cause unintended damage in Headspace.

This Quirk is incompatible with A Certain Charm (+).

A Certain Charm (+)

Your avatar is good at treading carefully around Headspaces, so that Receptives generally report hosting you as a positive and relaxing experience, and you are less likely to damage things by accident.

This Quirk is incompatible with Volatile (-).

Object of Obsession (+ AND -)

You draw the attention of psychic entities easily. Sometimes they will be benign or helpful. Other times, less so…

Open Minded (+ AND -)

In the Headspace, your thoughts and feelings can leak out and the Host can pick up on it, making them more aware of what you are thinking, feeling and doing while there.

Memory Lane (+)

If you have access to the Memory Bank of a Headspace, you can create projections of what that Headspace used to look like at points in the in the past of your choosing. You may only do this once per Uptime-Downtime cycle, but may view the same Headspace at multiple different times in one sitting.

Magnetic Personality (+)

Your avatar is particularly striking, making it easier to draw the attention of others when you want to.

In Two Minds (+)

Once per Uptime-Downtime cycle, while you are in Headspace, you may split yourself into two separate avatars for up to 1 hour. You are adept at controlling both at the same time. Your second avatar must be similar in appearance at the time of splitting to your original, and they must both be in the same Headspace. You can recombine your avatars early, but only if they are in the same location. Otherwise, at the end of the hour, your two avatars automatically recombine to form a single avatar at one of their locations (your choice).

When you manifest your two avatars, your psychic abilities are split between them, making both avatars less likely to succeed at tasks while split. When taking this Quirk, please specify which of your Powers belong to which avatar. Do the same for any positive Quirks which represent psychic abilities (Polymorph, Memory Lane and Magnetic Personality).

During Uptime, this will allow you to move your two avatars into two separate locations within Cassidy's Headspace, allowing you to OC type in two Discord channels simultaneously.

Emotionally Vulnerable (-)

While within a Headspace, you are more easily affected than most by your host's emotional state, usually making life difficult for you.

Mysterious Benefactor (+ AND -)

You met someone once, in a Headspace, and they told you something useful or revelatory, but they were hiding their identity and you never met them again. When taking this Quirk, specify what they looked like and what they told you.

Airhead (-)

Your avatar is rather more vulnerable to damage than most.

Natural 1 (-)

For some reason, you’re just naturally unlucky. When things are left up to chance things in a Headspace are more likely to go wrong for you (as GM’s we will aim to make these entertaining).

R-r-radical (+ AND -)

You’re a person of extremes. More daring and risky plans are likely to succeed, but at the same time will have greater consequences associated with them.

Mundane Quirks

Well Connected (+)

You've always got an ear to the ground and tend to overhear things. Each turn before session (excluding session 1) you will be given rumours about various goings-on. Please note that these rumours are IC1) information and may not necessarily be true.

Areas of Influence (+)

You are more influential within a certain group of people. This may be because of an official position you hold, or you just have friends in high places. When taking this Quirk, please specify which area/group you wish to hold influence in.

Local Legend (+ AND -)

You're well known and liked in Museford. This affords you popularity and influence, but criticism of you and your mistakes will also be prone to becoming local gossip.

Dependent (-)

A person or small group of people depend on you in some way, and neglecting their needs could get you in trouble. When taking this Quirk, please name the character(s) and state how they depend on you.

Nemesis (-)

Someone out there doesn't like you and is going to make your life difficult as a result. When taking this Quirk, please specify who it is who doesn't like you (they can be made up, or an existing NPC with appropriate GM discussion) and what happened to cause the animosity between you.

Confidant (+)

You have a close non-psychic friend or relative that you trust and can reliably confide in and count as an ally. When taking this Quirk, please specify who this NPC is (they can be made up, or an existing NPC with appropriate GM discussion).

Psychic Friend (+)

Outside of events such as the Cranium Conference, psychics are rather rare. Despite that, you happen to be on good terms with another psychic. Please describe the character and your relationship with them when taking this Quirk (they can be made up, or an existing NPC with appropriate GM discussion).

Business Owner (+)

You own a moderately successful business with a small premises. Describe the business when taking this Quirk.

Rich (+)

You have greater than average access to financial resources. Your character is able to spend lots of money without having to worry about it affecting their financial situation.

This Quirk is incompatible with Poor (-).

Poor (-)

You have enough to make ends meet, but very little in the way of disposable income. In any action where you end up needing to spend money, this will be an obstacle to your success.

This Quirk is incompatible with Rich (-).

Klutz (-)

You are exceptionally clumsy and liable to either break something important or cause a commotion where you really ought not to.

Out of Towner (-)

You’ve only just moved here. You don’t know Museford well or anyone in it.

Child of Dawn (+ AND -)

You are a member of the Children of the Dawn. Other members of the movement may be willing to assist you, but non-members may view you with suspicion.

Background Character (-)

You just seem to fade into the background and have difficulty getting and holding the attention of large groups.

You’re a Jinx (-)

For some reason, you’re just naturally unlucky. When things are left up to chance things in Breadspace are more likely to go wrong for you (as GM’s we will aim to make these entertaining).

A Favour to Cash (+)

Someone powerful owes you a favour for services rendered in the past. Explain who they are and what you did for them. 1/game you may call upon their aid to fulfill a task with power and resources you otherwise may not have.

Reciprocity (+ AND -)

Someone powerful has done you a favour, meaning you’re in possession of something, or know something, quite valuable. Explain what that is and who got it for you. Unfortunately, they will expect a favour in kind. Sometime during the game you’ll be called upon to do a favour in Breadspace that may be inconvenient.

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger (+)

Recovering from Breadspace injuries, hits to your reputation, and similar hindrances requires less effort.

Career Oriented (+ and -)

You're particularly career driven, which gives you access to resources of your workplace (please specify this, it can be a specific place on the wiki or one you made up) and an existing, positive relationship with NPCs there, but your job is demanding and expects you to give the majority of your time to your work.

Playstyle Quirks

These Quirks, rather than affecting your character, are used to affect how you play the game. You may take as many or as few of these as you like without them counting towards your Quirk limit. At any time, you can turn on or off any of these playstyle Quirks by contacting a GM.

Hit Me Harder

This essentially puts the game on hard mode while you are in Headspace. While your chances of success won't be affected, taking this Quirk will result in things going worse for your character when things go wrong.

Hurt Me Harder

This essentially puts the game on hard mode while you are in Breadspace. While your chances of success won't be affected, taking this Quirk will result in things going worse for your character when things go wrong.

Make Me Cry

Although Brainwave is intended to be overall an optimistic game, that doesn't mean there won't be opportunities for great sorrow. Take this Quirk to let the GMs know you are happy to have an emotionally heavy game.

The Horror! The Horror!

Headspace is a place of hightened fantasy, potentially including elements of horror and gore. Take this Quirk if you're happy to see more gruesome or intense descriptions of cartoon gore and horror in Headspace. This Quirk will only affect descriptions in Headspace: there will be no descriptions of gore while in Breadspace.

Romance Me

Take this if you are happy to potentially engage in romantic plot lines with NPCs. Taking this does not mean that an NPC will automatically attempt to engage in a romance with you, but indicates that you would be okay with it if narratively appropriate. You may engage in romance with PCs whether or not you take this Quirk, as long as all players involved consent to it.

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