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GMs and NPCs

The GMs behind Brainwave. We're very up to discuss the game with you – whether you need help, a turnsheet extension, or want to discuss the direction your character is going!

If you wish to email a GM, please include “FAO: [GM name]” in the subject, to ensure we see it. You can also email NPCs – this is a good way to chat to NPCs in Breadspace. You can try to email any NPC you know about, not just the ones listed below.

If you wish to contact an NPC, put “FAO: [GM name]” in the subject, or “FAO: [NPC name]” (and email the whole team) if you don't know who plays them.

You can also email the whole team at .

Geraint (Head GM)

OC Pronouns: he/they


Game Interests: I'm interested in the absurd, both the outright absurd that comes with Headspaces and the more grounded and quirky absurd with Breadspaces. I'm also interested in the darker aspects of Headspaces, what lurks within, and what overexposure can do to a person.

My Headspace would be: A whirlwind of dice, Star Wars merchandise, and legal documents. The wind screams trivia on English history in a maddening cacophony of sound.

NPC List:

Name Pronouns Location Psychic/Receptive Description
Cassidy They/Them Conference host Receptive The enthusiastic and earnest host of the The Cranium Conference.
Mayor Christopher Politick He/They Museford Town Hall Receptive The current Mayor of Museford, though an election is nearing…
???? ???? ???? ???? ????


OC Pronouns: he/him


Game Interests: I'm interested in fantastical plots, drama in both the mundane and Headspace world and exploring themes of escapism.

My Headspace would be: A sci-fi castle on a hill overlooking a fantastical forest and ocean. The forest may or may not have dinosaurs.

NPC List:

Name Pronouns Location Psychic/Receptive Description
Linus Ficknaire He/Him Conference/ Historic Museford Psychic Psychic proprietor of Ficknaire's Fantastic Fantasies, a shop specialising in custom made dreams. At the conference to promote his business
Nick Ficknaire he/him Conference/ Historic Museford/ MCU Psychic 19 year old son of Linus.
The Radiant Mother She?/Her? ??? ??? Mysterious leader of the Children of the Dawn, the secretive group which is totally-not-at-all-a-cult1).


OC Pronouns: they/she


Game Interests: I'm interested in the interplay between Headspace and Breadspace: weird Headspaces and what they represent for their owners. I'm also very into Headrushing.

My Headspace would be: A shattered mirror of ideas, memories and half-formed truths.

NPC List:

Name Pronouns Location Psychic/Receptive Description
Amari Madren Xie/Xir Conference Psychic A Headrushing fanatic, at the conference to find the most intense experiences to live out in brainspace.
Sandy Senton She/Her Conference Psychic Leader and representative of the Ascension Psychics at the Cranium Conference.
Lord Horatio Hardcastle He/Him Historic Museford/Outskirts Receptive Local aristocrat and owner if Museford Manor
Skye She/Her Drink Dance Dream Psychic A psychic who spends a lot of her time in Drink Dance Dream, and has dropped into later conferences.


OC Pronouns: he/him


Game Interests: I love to explore characters dealing with their personal problems, acknowledging their issues in Breadspace and then working towards bettering themselves. Also, angst.

My Headspace would be: An enormous library, meticulously laid out, alphabetised, and with a colour-coded map directing you to each area of the Headspace.

NPC List:

Name Pronouns Location Psychic/Receptive Description
Dr Ava Jones She/Her Head and Heart Hospital Psychic A dedicated, no-nonsense doctor working in mental care at the Head and Heart Hospital.
Argus They/Them Drink, Dance, Dream Psychic Hired mental security at the Psychic bar and club, Drink, Dance, Dream. Covered head to toe in eyes and ears while in Headspace. Their Breadspace persona is unknown.
Giovanni Ricci He/Him Drink, Dance, Dream Receptive Owner and location of the popular bar and club for Psychics, Drink, Dance, Dream, located entirely within Giovanni's Headspace.
Alexia Morgan They/Them Coffee Company Psychic Middle manage of the Coffee Company here in Museford.
Jim Peterson He/Him Conference Psychic A native of Museford, Jim has been out of the city for many years, but has returned for the Summer Fête.
yes, it's a cult
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