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This is divided into an OC glossary, which lays out important roleplaying terms, and an IC glossary, which details setting-specific jargon to Brainwave.

OC Terms

OC: Out of Character, the things that pertain to you as a player, us humans running the game, and any other real events and circumstances.

IC: In Character, the people, places and events within the world of Brainwave.

GM: Game Master, that's us running the game.

PC: Player Character, these are the characters you make to play as during the game!

NPC: Non Player Character, these are characters that exist but are controlled by the GM team.

Ballgowning: Roleplaying romantic relationships between characters. If you're interested in ballgowning with someone, be sure to get their OC consent first, and pay attention to their communication and comfort because ballgowning can be particularly intense.

PvP: Player vs Player, this is when PCs come into direct conflict.

PvE: Players vs Environment, this is when PCs are in conflict with obstacles set up by the GMs (whether that's in the form of dangerous places and events, or opposing NPCs).

IC Terms

Psychic: A person with psychic capabilities. Psychic power can emerge at any point in life. Read more here.

Receptive: A person without psychic capabilities, and thus with the ability to host psychics in their mind.

Projection: The key ability of a psychic, to visit the mind of a consenting receptive.

Host & visitor: When a psychic projects into a receptive's mind, the psychic is known as the visitor and the receptive the host.

Avatar: The form projected by psychics in a Headspace.

Headspace: A Headspace is the manifestation of a receptive's mind that a psychic can project into. These fantastical realms vary wildly but have some common features, namely the Plane of Consciousness, Sensory Array, Memory Bank and Subconscious Wilds.

Breadspace: An (informal) term for the mundane world outside of Headspaces.

Sensitive: A receptive who picks up psychic signals unusually well, especially over long distances.

Headrushing: Recreational activity for some psychics. Living intense host experiences – from bungee jumping to performing at a music concert – from the Headspace.

Psychic Entities: Entities that exist in Headspaces, whilst being seemingly separate from the hosts' mind. Examples include nightmares, mindworms and imaginary friends.

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