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Head and Heart Hospital

No major city would be complete without suitable healthcare, and Museford is no exception. While there are a number of emergency units and small General Practices throughout the city, the largest and best equipped medical practice is the Head and Heart Hospital.

Free for all residents of Museford, the hospital is prepared to treat any physical injury that comes through its doors, and a number of mental emergencies as well. Although not without its staff shortages and long waiting times for non-emergencies, most citizens of Museford agree that the hospital provides good healthcare for its patients.

Physical Care

Just like most hospitals, the Head and Heart is primarily dedicated to treating physical ailments in both receptives and psychics, be it broken bones, long-term health conditions, medical check-ups, and more. Although a handful of psychic doctors do work in physical care1) – closing off pain receptors for receptives undergoing surgery or checking the medical histories of comatose patients – for the vast majority of citizens, it's medicine the mundane way.

Mind Care

As well as treating physical injuries, the hospital is equipped with a small unit that specialises in mental emergencies. Led by the tireless Dr Ava Jones, this small team of psychic medical professionals attempt to rectify life-threatening damages done to the Headspaces of receptives, such as severe mental trauma or damages created by careless psychics. Unfortunately, due to limited numbers of psychic doctors and beds, the unit only deals with problems it deems life-threatening or patients requiring around-the-clock care, leaving citizens with less deadly ailments to seek out non-medical psychics for their services.

Key NPCs

Dr Ava Jones (she/her)

Head of the Mind Medicare Unit at the Head and Heart Hospital, Dr Ava Jones is a no-nonsense psychic doctor specialising in supporting the most at-risk receptives the hospital receives. She has built up her team around her over several years, always ensuring that only the best-of-the-best medical doctors make it into her unit.

at least, those that haven't been snapped up by Dr Ava's team
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