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The news presenter places their sheaf of papers on the table.

“In other news, the Cranium Conference is returning to town. Hosted by our very own young person, Cassidy, psychics from Museford and elsewhere in the country come to celebrate psychics and discuss psychic issues and techniques.

“In business, stocks in Pirate Pete's Adventure Doughnuts have plummeted following the deeply unpopular 'Plundarrr' campaign: the phrase is now regularly graffitied onto the side of the company's doughnut-shaped doorway. Police are investigating, but report no traceable evidence. Allegations that the police are the ones perpetrating the vandalism are unconfirmed.

“Now over to Jim for Sports.”

Jim, a smiling man in a brown waistcoat and wearing a plush manatee for a hat, gives a wave.

“Thanks Paul. Tonight the Manatees face their toughest opponent yet…”

Museford is a city of middling size located in the South of England. As a GM team we are uninterested in defining exactly where it is or defining it in terms of regional English politics. Since all of the game will be contained to Museford, it's also unimportant and shouldn't be explored.

The city is old, having been founded by psychics in the early 10th century, and it has a long history of prominent psychic leaders and citizens. As a result of this, it is a popular place for psychics to live and work, as it has the most facilities available for the commercial use of psychic power and also the most opportunities for those looking to make a career out of the use of psychic powers. Whereas psychics make up 0.1% of the general human population, in Museford that is closer to 0.5%.

Aesthetically, the city is clean, with many open green spaces and facilities that have an almost quaint quality. A strong sense of community pervades this city despite its relatively large size, with particular pride being taken in the unique nature of Museford and its independence from the urban standardisation you might see elsewhere. As the rest of the world becomes increasingly similar, Museford is proud of its unique charm and attributes.

But as with most things, all is not well. This pride can border on arrogance and ignorance to problems, and many problems manage to slip into the gaps in awareness this attitude creates…

Notable Locations

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